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01.27.2012 , 08:22 AM | #6
Have you tried talking to guild mates? Or just joining a guild (I'd highly recommend it!). I generally get groups (Bondar Crystal) by just spamming General every 15-20 seconds with how many more we need and what roles.

Most 4s can be done with tank, 1 dps, healer and a dps companion, and most 2s can be done with a tank/damage and 2 healer companions or damage/heals and a tank/damage companion.

This should hold true until around 48 or so... then you'll have people wanting to do them for the daily commendations.

Anyway, I don't think they should be nerfed... they are repeatable every day for commendations/other loot. That is likely the incentive to go back for higher leveled players (buying boxes and selling/sending the end result).