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Well the movies are riddled of that kind of inconsistencies. At one point the wound bleeds and at some other it doesnt. At some point a rail is cut and at some other it doesnt.

There is no real canon followed in the movies, just what fits for the action to remain packed and keep going.

In canon, the lightsaber can cut anything. In EU , there are materials that resists lightsaber, even short it out.

Some things though always stand:

Like if the lightsaber falls on a relativelly thin item, it will cut it right through if not controlled by the user. Be it metal or limb.

Density slows down the pulverizing properties of the lightsaber.

Surelly a lightsaber falling on a computer terminal keyboard/controls would shear through it, especially if its after a parry from the opponent where you momentary loose the control and lightsaber gets deflected somewhere (like the console). It would not spar on it but cut it through.
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