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12.14.2011 , 05:45 PM | #6
I've raided high-end content before, and I see the value of making ninja'ing a thing of the past---but why is the old style of loot drops at all preferable?

It's the old standard, but I don't see why they would apply a newer system to Normal and not apply the same new system to Hardmodes. Even regardless of drama, it's the essence of the grind that several dev posts decry.

Not that I think running a given instance more than once is bad, but in terms of actual time spent, if you have to run an instance five or six times to get all your own gear, fine---but if you have to run it 5 or 6 times, multiplied by the number of people in the group (well, halving that if a boss drops 2 pieces of gear), then it starts to wear on you...

Actually, I do think I understand why it works this give those who like to guild-raid something to do over, and over, and over....but I'm feeling the pull of RL. I raided in college, and now being done with that, I fail to see the appeal anymore.

(Having answered my own question from earlier this post)
I do think the split, then, is a good idea. I just think that rolling the loot-bags into Hard/Nightmare mode would make a better change than going the other way. PUGable content is preferable, in my book, and I'd be happy to try PUGging Hard/Nightmare if I get good enough at Normal, but I have no interest in repeating it as many times as I did Mount Hyjal.