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Which is exactly why I explained that until a character hits 0 HP, you aren't actually "hitting" them with the Lightsaber. You are forcing them to dodge and dealing glancing blows (using up their "HP" i.e. endurance/stamina/ability to fight).
Yea, this is how I look at it. You can't expect a game to fully live up to the lore of star wars. It's an rpg. If a lightsaber acted identically to how it's portrayed in the movies, nothing would stand a chance against neither Jedi nor Sith. I do wish there was more dismemberment portrayed in the game, even without blood to keep the rating down from being over the top, but I fear even clean dismemberment would increase the rating to a point where they would fear losing potential customers in a specific demographic. It would just make more sense to me that if I landed a killing blow with a slash, to see a troopers arm fall off. I also feel that some abilities like master-strike, where the final strike is an impalement, should be accompanied by that "THUD" sound you can subtly hear when a killing blow is landed in the movies. Reference: Listen closely to Obi-wan cutting Maul in half with that power-strike,. You can faintly hear a thud like sound of the blade being thrust through body mass. Little things like that would go a long way in my eyes. Just pet peeves though. They already do a good job with lightsaber animations(could be better) and soundeffects in this game.

The only thing I wish they would of done was implement different animations for the different forms. They introduced the forms fully of aware that they were different styles, but slacked on the delivery of them. Even if they just had different opening stances/attacks. For example, Soresu being the regualar jedi guardian stance where they are holding the blade upwards with both hands, obviously ready and awaiting the enemy's advance, but with a style like ataru, the player should stand with the blade held with one hand, tilted down and away. If there was a Djem So specific offensive stance in this game, the blade would be held behind the head, pointed down and angled back. Thus giving way to the wide, powerful yet seemingly effortless slashes of that style. Like I said, little things go a long long way.
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