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Revan has always been a well intentioned extremist. He has the right intentions, but he goes ab-so-lutely nuts trying to implement them. I mean, take any Trooper who's friendly with Elara; if I'm reading what HK said right, even she'd be a target for the droids because she probably has some actual Sith species somewhere up the bloodline (you can't have a primarily human Empire with what, 98% of your people with Sith descent unless it phases out really fast).

As for the Great Hyperspace War; can't comment, but Revan at least was always the guy who was willing to do what it took. A bit like Anakin, in a sense, falling towards the Dark Side because he's trying to protect something. The Foundary was Revan's initiative, and I'd bet my Vanguard's shielding that Garza was the one who set him up with all that Republic support; she's definitely in the 'extreme' camp as far as fighting the Sith is concerned.

The fact that Republic players don't get a hint that he's going to go do this is a sad thing, as I think a version of the Foundry would be an epic piece for the Republic players: Do they support this effort which throws the morals of the Republic and will cause more civilian casualties than the Empire has caused, probably, or go with him in hopes that it'll save countless more? Plus, it'd be the one time likely that the Light Side option would be to pistol whip/saber bonk someone in that scenario.