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I happen to know that the smuggler columi weapons are better in every stat than the rakatta versions. However, looking at these stats, i'd say that accuracy + 82 power is much greater than the crit surge loss.

The smuggler rakatta weapons lose techpower, min and max damage and lower in every stat. Seems to me as if your stat change is intentional.
it just doesn't make sense that I'm gaining (equipping the Rakata vs the Columni) about 1.2% acc and <20 bonus tech damage while losing out on >2% crit chance and >5% surge. The trade off really does not seem worth it at all.

given that this specific knife is supposidly the one geared toward the burst dps tree (the other option has alacrity [better for sniper and healer]), I don't see why you'd want power and accuracy over crit and surge.

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