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01.26.2012 , 07:15 PM | #1
So I noticed this last night after getting my Ghost (DPS Op Rakata Offhand) that it was pretty much a downgrade in primary stat (and I also lost both crit and surge), replaced by acc and power. The below screenshot is a comparison between my Columni and Rakata (Rakata is in my inv).

Now I've somewhat come across what seems to say that this is a known bug, but I can't really determine when translating the page (German):

So anyone else have this experience and maybe can link me to an English official response?

Also if it is a bug, do you think that I'm kinda...fcked for not saving the token (seems like everything else they've "fixed" when it's messed up like that they do not give you a replacement token and the changes to the weps are not retroactive).

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