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You have to change your bindings. Any keys that you have to move your hand for, don't use. Like I can only reach to the 5 key comfortably so I don't bind anything past that, unless its something fairly arbitrary. I typically use `12345zxcvbntrfgh and have shift and ctrl alterations of them. I also have about 17+ binds I use on my mouse including shift and ctrl alterations and have several arbitrary things like buffs/mounts bound to the num pad. I typically use f1 and f2 for potions as well.

Then use things like yiouklm up/down/right/left arrows for things like maps/currency/friends/warzones and other panes of the sort. It takes awhile to switch from being a clicker to a binder but it pays off a ton in the end. The first 3-4 years I played wow I was a clicker but found my self to be far more efficient when I started binding everything. Now I'm at a point where I couldn't click if I wanted to.
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