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Re: the original topic

Has anyone tested whether this hit-box bug is unique to Ataru form? There are number of other similar effects in the game (e.g. Shadow/Assassin stance procs).

Re: theory-crafting

I made some spreadsheets of my own for Carnage at Level 50 during the last beta build, and they are still accurate as far as the ability damage goes. These calculated the derivative of each ability's expected damage with respect all stats (the derivative is calculated analytically, talent effects and group buffs were included, and the combat table - crits, misses, avoidance, mitigation, etc - was included).

Knowing how much 1 point of each stat will increase every ability, I could make a weighted sum over all abilities, based on how often each ability is used in combat, to estimate how much one point of each stat increased my overall DPS.

Power came out well ahead of everything else up to the gear level I reached (which admittedly wasn't raid level, but I was fully geared out with whatever mods you can get with dailies, and had about 850 points of secondary stats). Crit, Surge and Accuracy were nowhere near as effective, even with very high Power.

My stats, and the value (normalized to +1 Strength) of an additional point:

Strength: 1150 (+1)
Power: 337 (+0.98)
Accuracy Rating: 97 (+0.57)
Critical Rating: 142 (+0.64)
Surge Rating: 273 (+0.61)

The averaging over abilities and some assumed target defensive characteristics is not perfect, but the difference between Power and everything else is enormous. The point is that I can't imagine that a Carnage build with only 50 Power is going to be optimal for the spec.

Re: Diminishing Returns

There is a handy rule for understanding the DR on ratings.

The bonus from an additional point of rating is proportional to the fraction of the cap remaining above your current bonus.

Example: the cap on the bonus from Critical Rating is 30%. If you already have a +10% bonus from Critical Rating, the next point will add only 2/3's the bonus of your first point, because you are 20% under the 30% cap for this bonus, and 20%/30% = 2/3's.

If you had a +20% bonus from Critical Rating, the next point would only add 1/3 as much as the first point.

And so on.
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