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01.26.2012 , 12:48 AM | #5
counselor got to about lvl 2 as soon as i got out in the world and picked up a few quests I hated it and dropped right away.

I would say level 20 is a good test if you like the class. Gives you 10 levels after you pick ur AC to see it is fun for you.

I have a 14 sniper I am thinking of going operative but need to get to 20 first to see.

My mara I started loving at 12 when I went into PVP

My Shield tech I have liked from GO, never had a problem with it. i like my companions I love my story and my skills and the play style fit me well.
Just because you don't want it does not mean I should not have access to it.

Powertech > Marauder > Sniper > Commando > Shadow.