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I have a question for you fine folks that's been bothering me for a while.

I currently have a Sith Sorcerer and a Jedi Guardian. I love both classes and how different they are, and both playstyles (and stories) have been very enjoyable so far.

I'd like two classes per side so I can experience more of this game, but I'm torn. I'd eventually like to make a Trooper because both Commando and Vanguard look appealing to me, I can pretty much go either way with the Trooper gameplay wise, and from what I have seen I'll really enjoy the Trooper storyline. Empire side isn't an easy choice for me. There are two classes that I'm looking at...Bounty Hunter and Imperial Agent.

I LOVE the Bounty Hunter playstyle. I got to level 10 and went with Powertech, I love the feeling of being nearly indestructible and soloing the Heroics on Hutta with ease. But...I don't like the story at all so far. I like being affiliated with a faction/organization, and although the BH does have a "******iness" feel to it, I just don't care about the great hunt. It just seems trivial to me given everything else going on in the galaxy. On the flip side, from what I have seen of the IA, I really like the story, love the intrigue and how you carry a ton of clout as an Agent, but the playstyle is just "meh" with me. If I stick with an Agent, it would be only to heal, as I'm not a fan of stealth/rogue gameplay and the sniper isn't appealing to me.

So my question is this...should I play Commando and Powertech or Vanguard and Operative healer? The benefit to Commando-Powertech is that I will have a tank and a ranged damage/heal class on each faction, so I have all roles covered Republic and Empire. Downside is that I really am not a fan of the BH story so far. With Vanguard-Operative, I'd get the story lines that I'd enjoy the most, and since Vanguard is a mirror of Powertech, I'd still enjoy that. But the Operative would just be kinda meh in terms of gameplay for me. Also, I'd have two tanks on Republic and two healers on Empire, kinda miss-matched.

Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'd appreciate your feedback and any advice you could give...especially if you have experience with the BH or IA classes!
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