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01.25.2012 , 10:29 PM | #28
It took the group i did this with a while to work the turrent part out but we got there and it was a nice challenge.

Main thing to let you and your team mates know is to make sure to take out the ranged colocoids first. These do the most damage and have more hp. Also the healer and 3 turrets is a good tactic if you're struggling with everyone on turrets. Another thing is to make SURE nobody tries to use anything while on a turrent since it dismounts and craps out everything..

Also i do remember some of the elites being too easy especially this droid. I think it barely did any damage because i interrupted the majority of its attacks... wow..
and really dont remember any bosses being of note. You do get a pet if you have slicing skills to aid you in the fight i was mad when i couldnt keep it... it had really low hp though
You do have to watch for the guys on the walkways though they have an attack that can knock you off the edge and make you backtrack a good distance!