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12.14.2011 , 04:55 PM | #12
Junrygunns master riffleman..Thats all I had time for before they destroyed the game.

Im so excited we finnaly get to be back where we belong. IN space. In a world with sabers. In a game with out fairies and Orkses..

Its time to rech shop after I get my invite hopfully tomarrow ill hit a server up with sunrunners. I did like wow for a bit and i tried everything form aoc to warhamemr to lotr. To allods to god you name it.Rift ...puke....I was in beta for this game and let me tell you if you have not played yet.
Work t hrough the buggs becasue it is worth it. This game is impressive and it will only get better. I seen so many changes come fast in beta it was amazing at how bioware reposonded to individual complaints.

Long live Swg in our memories and long live sunrunner. Sunrunner was my first home on a mmo and I have soo many good memories there.

All hail Lord Gunns
Junry Gunns Of SunRunner...The only Jedi Pimp...Gimme My money Twilek ******* You know I love you babie.