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2 ways works and I suggest being on voice chat,

1way, is to have everyone on turrets and turn them into the middle and kill behide your teams mates.

2 ways i healer of turrets and the other 3 killing, both ways works, done many times, fun place to do, can be annoying when you wipe alot and have no idea, I suggest to not do with a PUG...
So basically, we have a level 40 normal instance which requires precise timing and voice chat, when most hard modes don't. Does this seem right? I am calling this a balance issue. Like I said, it needs to be toned down.
//We have seen the argument of Skill vs. Gear throughout the existence of MMO PvP and we are of the opinion both are good for an RPG, falling on one side of the scale (gear has no purpose in PvP vs. gear is the only thing that matters in PvP) is not desirable.//