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its not just 20 weapon damage though thats what you do not see. Power itsel increases EVERYTHING including crit damage, crits only increase your chance to crit. so every time you do not crit you get nothing from it unlike power, surge is devauled even more because you must crit for surge to even be added to the equation.

Power will always be a better stat then crit unless you are sub 20% crit.

mathmatically something like crit will always have a diminishing return the more you get of it. A straight damage increase does not. I really do not feel like explaining all the math, but Crit is for people who like to see big numbers every now and again, power is for people who actually want to do solid damage ALL THE TIME.
My guild's GM made a video pre-launch explaining theorycraft basics for Tormonger. Watch it. It's impossible to argue with you two when you can't even understand how things work. I'm not going to argue against your "feelings". It's becoming very tiring and I'm starting to not make sense as I try and explain the same thing 10 different ways hoping you somehow get it.
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