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This is where we will have to agree to disagree, like i explained before, crit is more important for annhilation as they have talents that directly help you get crits and benefit you when you get them. As Carnage I dont benefit as greatly from crit as no moves I have need to crit to grant me something. Force Scream is an insta crit i can control. This is why Power benefits me more. Im no longer trying to rely on crits but making sure when i do damage, its doing more per hit, than relying on per crit.

So Carnage and Annhilation do not have similar forms of damage as you proved earlier when you said annhilation did more dps than Carnage in your test.
There's a lot you're misunderstanding.

1. If a tree has talents that increase your chance to crit how does additional crit gain value? It doesn't. Talents like "Bleedout" which increases crit damage cause crit to gain value. Carnage has a similar talent.

2. If Carnage's insta-crit mechanic causes power to gain value then wouldn't Annihilation's insta-crit mechanic also cause power to gain value?

3. There is a difference between "forms of damage" and "amount of damage". I proved Annihilation does more DPS. They both have similar percentages of their damage come from similar sources. Force Scream and Ataru Form are Carnage's equivalent to Bleeds.

4. Both trees have a 30% crit damage talent(although Annihl's is broken). Both trees have force/internal damage that makes up a significant portion of their DPS(exact values are hard to know at this point). I don't understand why you think they have vastly different stat weights.
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