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the consular story has been disappointment after disappointment for me. The three acts have aren't in the slightest related to each other.

Wow, that's pretty terrible. Let me just break this down for you so you know how pathetic Consular is stacked to JK. Hopefully i remember all of this.


Now, i'm extremely happy with the JK story. I loved it, but i have one incredible problem with it and it's the same for the other classes i imagine.

Bioware f-ed up big when they took out all of those titles. How is it better to have fewer titles that more people are going to have?

Did you read the spoiler section? I had to do ALL OF THAT to become a Jedi..... MASTER. A f-ing master! I was suppose to be Warmaster Andelor, i'm pretty sure. Hell, I was the Supreme Commander of the Corellian forces; where is that title?

Consular's got master in like act 2, so i have to do more then them, and all i get is master?

Hell, because the inquisitor's complained, the Warrior don't get emperor's Wrath!
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