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01.25.2012 , 01:52 PM | #7
I've got a level 37 sorcerer who is also Light III as well as a level 18 Jugg who's already Light II and I must say I enjoy the LS decisions a lot more than the DS (which made me feel like an *** much of the time). I especially enjoy setting off on a mission to do something, then a LS option comes up and I chose it thereby taking a different path. Then going back to the quest giver (usually an Imperial Officer), they start ranting about how I failed the mission and how I basically suck and I chose the dialogue option of "I am Sith" which usually ends up being "I am Sith, [rank of officer]. I do what I want. I don't answer to you." or something along those lines. Their response of "Uhhh..." is priceless.

Definitely helps that Vette likes my LS decisions too.