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You know, they're called "gap closers" for a reason... what happened to force leap? And the assassin/shadow classes can't use stealth to sneak there way into the target range? Not even a CC or a Stun to buy some time?
Others have mentioned why this doesn't work in large-scale pvp, but it's also important to note that if you outrange your healers you're as good as dead too. Force leaping into a huge pack of enemies in order to gain melee range also puts you out of range of your healers. Because if they're good healers, they're doing their best to not stand in range of the enemy.

So in short, melee has much more risk just in being melee when it comes to large scale pvp. Unless defenses are fixed to accommodate for the inherent disadvantage melee classes face versus large numbers of ranged classes, then melee is better off just sitting back and being guard bots while running interference on any enemies that get too close.
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