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Huge battles always favor ranged. It's just the way it is in any game with tab-targeting. The ranged nukers are tabbing looking for targets and the melees are always the closest targets. It has nothing whatsoever to do with class strength.

You can't fix it through nerfs or buffs.

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Why should a ranged class deal as much damage if not more then a melee class? Melee have to be within 4-10m to do their damage while ranged get to be 30m away.

Why should a ranged class have as much if not more defense than a melee class? Melee classes wear Assassins wear light armor while BH mercs wear heavy armor. Assassins can avoid 50% of basic attacks for 12 sec while BH can lower all damage they take by 25% for 12 seconds.

I feel like ranged classes have way to much going for them as a whole vs melee.
Gap closers is why. The other balancing factor is mobility. As a melee, you're generally able to do 100% of your potential DPS while moving. Ranged classes can't. It gives you repeated chances to catch them because they have to stop to do any real damage to you.