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Awesome thanks a ton for taking the time to respond, That was the exact kind of answer I was looking for.

So pretty much i was right with the help of my experience and research that the game isn't anything special when it comes to End Game, but does have enough changes that It would keep me coming back as long as I have some friends or a good guild to do this stuff with?

But what does it offer other than the typical end game? I guess I'm trying to ask why should I pay 15$ a month for this game when there are only minor tweaks to Flashpoints and Operations? Other than the Good group of friends.
Honestly it's a tough call, reduced #'s required for raiding, I guess you could say more puzzle mechanics etc.

Really it boils down to - guild relationship/friends - also, consider that WoW has oodles of content, most of it irrelevant end game wise until you catch up to whats all the rage. This game will undoubtedly have the same thing - but right now, the endgame is fresh.

And one major argument I could make - WoW copied EQ in many ways with raiding, 40mans were the norm initially in WoW (Thanks Fires of Heaven) - but things changed. I see BioWare changing things up as time goes on - so it boils down to... do you like sabers/guns or staves/magic?