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Hey there. The game is definitely modeled based on the typical MMO experience and as you said, has some added tweaks - some for better, some for worse. However, personally, this game is worth investing your time into. There is a solid foundation for what could potentially be a game with a similar lifespan to World of Warcraft. The Star Wars fan base makes the economy in this game very interesting, as you've got a very large span of players varying from progression raiders in other MMO's to people who have never played an MMO and are just Star Wars fans.

That being said, the leveling process is definitely a treat in this game - i agree. As far as end game, you'll see a lot of similarities to other MMO's. Some include the typical dailies, boss mechanics, vendor loot based off badges (commendations) and tokens. However, you will also see some fights that are more puzzle-based, which is a nice twist and refreshing to see in an end game environment. Bioware has stated that they like to mix the operations up a bit and throw in a different experience that you might not see in other MMO's. Check out the videos below to get an idea of this experience, as they are the two puzzle encounters currently available.
Basically, I'd say that if you have a group of players you really enjoy playing with, I would recommend investing your time. If you're going to play solo or just try to pug content, it will get old very quickly. The current content is not very challenging, even at its most difficult mode, so having people you enjoy playing with is what will keep you coming back each week until there is more challenging content and an improved Codex (achievement) system.

Hope this was of some use to you.
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