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Journal Entry 6

## DATE 1256 IR, DAY 25

[Darth Siniss appears as a slight female, no more than 1.2m, garbed in unornamented dark red and purple robes. Her hood partially obscures her facial features, but a glint of silvery light crosses her cheeks. Her eyes flash red. All of this is cast in a shade of green from the holo, and flickers constantly, with the customary up and down movement seen in projections.]

SINISS: This is Journal Entry Six, made on day 25 of year 1256 of our Emperor's glorious reign of terror. Moridin first contacted me while I was being trained on Korriban. I was studying an ancient scroll from the time of Naga Sadow written by a Lord Jakim when a library droid approached me, carrying a scroll case. This was not unusual, since I had two or three droids searching for ancient documents at any given time. This droid, however, interrupted my studies, which the droids I used were instructed to never do; they were instead instructed to place their burdens on the table and resume their search with the next item on the list.

[Darth Siniss pauses for a moment, reflecting.]

SINISS: I remember that I was irritated at the interruption. I felt that the document before me would lead me to the rediscovery of the ancient Sith techniques of causing stars to become supernovas. Incidentally, it never did, but that is irrelevant now. The droid that interrupted me said something like, “Mistress, please read this scroll in pursuance of your quest for knowledge.”

I immediately knew something was awry. My three droids; yes, now I remember, it was three, Bee-two-cee-ex, Ell-four-em-nine, and Gee-five-vee-seven. Anyway, my three droids were programmed not to speak to me unless absolutely necessary, and then, in extremis, to beep twice and wait for an acknowledgement. This droid was not one of mine, and could be a trap, sent by one of my rivals. I harbored a healthy paranoia in those days. I was a child then, and completely naïve, foolish, and entirely too trusting, but those were good times. I regret not crushing that evil little get Harkun while I had the chance.

SINISS: I was speaking of the droid. I quickly reduced the droid to scrap using the force, and determined that there was no hidden bomb, poison, or other immediate danger. I then used the force to determine that the scroll case the droid carried did indeed carry a scroll. I opened the case 10 meters away from me, and both the scroll and a tiny comm-unit fell out.

I examined the scroll, and it was authored by none other than Naga Sadow himself. The material covered was the theory of using the force to cause solar objects to nova. Of course, it was incomplete, and hinted that certain Sith artifacts of enormous power must be used in conjunction with a ritual that was not laid out in the scroll, but it was a beginning.

[Siniss shifts on her chair, seemingly to get more comfortable. She rubs her hands together, dry washing them a few times.]

SINISS: I turned my attention to the communicator. It had the look of a miniaturized, single frequency, double encrypted comm-unit and bore the unmistakable manufacturing symbol of Imperial Intelligence. I recognized it because of the training we had received just the week before in equipment and procedures of Intelligence. The unit was smaller than my thumbnail and wafer thin. I suspected that it was bio-encrypted, single use, and destruct on command as well. The comm-unit was a piece of expensive and very high tech spy gear.

I brought the unit to me using the force, and pressed my thumb firmly onto the top side. A high pitched whine quickly filled my ears and shot out of auditory range almost faster than I could sense. At the same time, a red scan light emitted from the unit and very quickly strobed the room.

SINISS: Immediately after the light finished, the device projected a six inch holo of … nothing much. To say the figure was indistinct would be incorrect, because indistinct infers that there would be something to distinguish without the presence of some interfering object. This holoimage was simply a blank humanoid form, flat grey in color, varying from 1m to 2m in height over the course of the conversation, with a modulated voice.

Then he said “Siniss, I have observed your actions with increasing pleasure for quite a while, and have now chosen to make contact and an offer of tutelage. I believe that you will be quite suitable as an apprentice. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Darth Moridin.”

[Darth Siniss looks offscreen, and then looks back at the recorder.]

SINISS: Recorder off.

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