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01.25.2012 , 10:04 AM | #22
Fully agree- the puzzle in itself is not a bad idea- but situating it in a group area is such a mistake- they should have thought about the reality of playing the game for 2 minutes.

Also- if you are going to do puzzles, let it be of the type such as in WOW -where you have to remember a relatively easy sequence (like seeing red -green- blue- yellow sequence and having to repeat it correctly). rather than such puzzle where 98.9 % of the players starting the quest, are not in fact mathematical geeks or ppl with a higher-than average spacial intelligence and therefore need an online puzzle. Telling you Bioware- it was a total HASSLE having to quit out of the game - open browser- look up puzzle solver- make drawing- go back to tell your random mate you're still at it so pls bear with me- then finding another group just changed the F*****G config on the lights.

Seriously Bioware... as far as beginners mistakes go, this was one mission which wasn't very well thought out... LEARN from the early WOW mistakes ffs