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I'm sorry if you are having trouble beating a sorc/sage that is spec'd Tele/Lightning and has to stand still and cast to do damage, the problem is you.
i tend to agree with you. when i charge one and they blast me back im an idiot for not having the ability ready to leap on the sorc. although by the time im back to them their channel is over and my kick i useless. so I don't know how i feel about this strat.

but then again i am always saying, this game is not about 1v1 so why do people think it matters in 1v1 battles. if you are in a group then the rules of 1v1 go out the window. lighting inst op, people just suck and don't focus and interrupt the **** out of them.

and op/scoundrel should really just wait till a bunch of people are fighting and then pop in and cause all sorts of mayhem, as a guardian i would love a pocket scoundrel to pop out and help me kill people.

Why do people only care about one v one. you should be punished for playing with that mentality..

oh wait you are by being killed quickly.

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