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01.25.2012 , 08:47 AM | #1
nerf hidden strike
remove jarring strike
i dont care

leave acid blade alone. its the only thing stopping the rest of our dmg being completely rubbish

give us something to avoid being kited

if the burst from stealth doesnt kill our target, they get away. and thats it. gg. you cant get back on them. you have ZERO abilities to get on a target from that point. they can just walk away. if they have any ranged attacks they will slowly whittle you down, but most of the time i just run the opposite way and try and run around a corner and heal up. then wait 5mins until i can stealth again.

thats what conceal operative pvp is like

they trinket, or they dont, doesnt matter
they knockback, sprint, stun, root, whatever
they leave melee range
you lose

best case scenario is you force a 'tie' and blow your 3min CD (vanish). this is, of course, assuming they havent dotted you (most of the time they have.

shield probe absorbs about 500 dmg tops
i've never seen evasion dodge anything

take away some of the opening dmg. take away the stun. give us something that doesnt make us completely helpless outside melee range. basically an easy target for someone to just sit back and nuke the crap out of