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I may be the only one with this point of view, but I don't think so.

Last night, I did my first 16 man op. We went 5/5 HM EV and called it a night. Im 4/5 NM EV, 5/5 Karagga NM in 8 man, so I'm not complaining about mechanics or anything like that. As far as I am concerned, most of the fights are tuned fine, with some of them being far too easy, at least on 8 man.

My issue is with loot drop. Not necessarily what drops, but how much loot drops. Some bosses still drop no loot which is clearly a bug that hasn't yet been fixed. Soa only gave us a schematic and, fortunately, a mount, but no chest tokens and no weapons. However, I believe other fights are dropping entirely too much loot. Gharj, Council, and droid dropped so much loot it took us nearly 10 minutes at each boss to sort it all out. We brought a fresh 50, a sorc still in greens and leveling gear. By the end of the night, there was so much loot given out that he was 3/5 rakata and most off-tier (offhand, a relic, bracers, and a columi belt) slots were filled with rakata caliber items (in a sick turn of events, he also won the random roll for the mount).

That's just too much. You can feasibly gear cap a character in two to three weeks of raiding, and then what reason is there to continue playing if you are a player who strictly enjoys pve? It took me 3 weeks to gear cap my character. I still like playing, but I find myself logging on to play, doing some dailies to pass time, maybe a HM flashpoint, and then saying to myself "ok then, nothing left in the game to do".

I may be in a small portion of the player pop fortunate enough to be weekly clearing NM content, but I still consider this an issue that at some point deserves some attention. As more and more players reach end game and run HM and NM ops, I think more people will agree with me.
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