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I agree with the OP Sorcerers are OP especially the ones like he fights that are specced 31-31-31
take a look at the tallent trees. The blind tallent and the knockback root are both in the lightning tallent. yes the reduction of cooldown on forcelighning is in the other dmg tree but still the 2 most anoying spells are in the same tree and they both dont lock you out with a full resolve bar in a result of you getting stunned aswel. 3x CC vs 1x CC (that lasts 1.5 seconds now)
If a kid say's a nasty word in school. do you blame the kid? the father who said the word? or the doghouse the father had to build and hiting his thumb with the hammer in the process? or his little sister becouse she named the dog Bello wich is an exeptionaly good name to be painted on a doghouse? puzzeling realy.