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The stun effect from the bubble loses it's effect the next time you take damage with that in mind considering a sorc CANNOT crit for a 3-4+k in a single hit (sorry you got nerfed get over it) you can go right back to attacking the squishy target you were before it's not like he/she can drop you right after the stun (like operatives could before the patch).

Your rant is just (THEY NERFED X SO THEY SHOULD NERF Y) finger pointing.
you are daft and not even looking at things objectively. jarringstrikes sucks as it is now. 1.5 stun that makes you immune to anny kind of stun afterwards. Yes the dmg of hidden strike was somewhat absurd and they are toning that down including acidblade wich was the biggest reason the burst of an operative was so high. but putting jarring strike on a 1.5 seconds knockdown is pointless. its 2 tallent points in our second to last tier and its way to underwhelming as it stands now. It should be left at 3 seconds and the 20% dmg nerf and 30% armor pen on acid blade should still be pushed trough.
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