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01.25.2012 , 02:03 AM | #10
yea OP is right,i did report the same thing in few topics in the past week or so,but i actually didnt know the reason behind it till i read this,i noticed my blood frenzy and ataru form strikes not going on for a minute or two during fights in EV,(prio to 1.1) especially annihlation droid,and gharj...and yea this bug is really bad for carnage,,since you wont get blood frenzy nor excutioner procs,which beside the damage lost from ataru form is quite a hit for the spec.

and on a side for someone said another reason to stick to annihlation,you know that Bleedout talent there is bugged too?;p but yea in general i hope they fix those bugs soon,am sticking to rage atm,while i love the spec,i am more comfortable in fights with boss moving with the other 2 specs
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