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Quote: Originally Posted by Miothan View Post
Faceroll as in; omg lightnig spam
or: Omg i died to lightning

Clarify what you mean by "face-roll class".
Face roll as in, well, easy.

Case and Point - I recently rerolled a Smuggler (Scoundrel Healer Spec). Level 29.

Playing Voidstar. They break the door. Level 16 Sorc is lagging behind. I attack.

She just stood there and healed through my damage. Literally, didn't move. Didn't even attack me. Just healed through it. No, not through it, past it. Interrupt? Block spell casting? Nothing.

SHe still had about, eh, just under half force left. I was out of energy, as I burned it trying to kill her. She attacks me, and I can't heal through it.

She then sprints off.

I don't expect to kill many people in my healing spec 1v1. I really don't. But I also shouldn't have another class outheal my DPS and out DPS my healing, with what seemed as though little to no resource management on their part, while I'm trying to keep mine in an acceptable range for maximum regen.

Yea, I know, not level 50 (I have a 50 Op, so I'd be more than happy to talk that as well), but I'm just pointing out how easy they are to play, even at early levels compared to other classes.