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01.25.2012 , 01:30 AM | #8
Sigh.. I love the Carnage spec but this is just another reason to stay Annihilation. Carnage's DPS was already terrible in comparison.. Yes I know there are no combat logs and no DPS meters but the most effective way to test your DPS right now is to get saved to a Hard/Nightmare instance on Council and killing Marauders while letting the fight enrage/reset afterward. I found that in half rakata/columi w/columi weapons the Carnage Spec was a good 200 DPS below Annihilation while self buffed and stimmed over the course of ~100 tests(I used recorded videos as well as a virtual stopwatch keybound to my ~ key). Carnage did 1400 DPS while Annihilation surpassed 1600. Carnage was 1300 and Annihilation was around 1500 when I was in tionese/columi gear so it's not even scaling that much better than Annihilation. This bug just makes Carnage a terrible spec for everything but Pylons(EV) and Double Bounty Hunters(KP).
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