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01.25.2012 , 01:00 AM | #152
1-Sith Warrior
2-Imperial Agent
3-Sith Inquisitor
4-Bounty Hunter

1-Jedi Knight


1-Sith Warrior
2-Imperial Agent
3-Sith Inquisitor
4-Jedi Knight
6-Bounty Hunter


I wanted to make a list of pets too but ill just say the worst pet i had to deal with is

--Quyzen Fess--
Worst to equip , worst in story, worst as an overall. OMG i hate him so much <.<

Of course this is all about personnal preference in the end. Consular is soooo sooo boring. I got every class at 30 or + but i havent finished them all, only jugg and merc. Sith warrior is my very best , loved every moment of it. Imperial Agent its like a mystery always. Chapter start a little bit less fun but its still enjoyable. Inquisitor is a damn rise to power from slavery and building your own cult. Jedi Knight is save the world. Trooper is a tad too much about obeying order, could use some freedom of toughts sometime but i still liked it. Bounty Hunter was really boring from 1-10 , really hated it , never got into the big hunt and go and avenge the 2 guys that you never really cared for since you met them for 5 min. Smuggler was fun, light but fun , nothing impressive to say about it but its ok... i like more the style of the class, like a pirate always surviving the odds more then the story itself. Consular is just plain boringness