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Not that complex at all. Additionally, since many of the conversation choices are Dark vs. Light you get dark/light points based solely on your choice no matter what the group choice ends up being. Which is good, a group can't screw up your personal progression.
This is true. During beta, when I ran the Esseles flashpoint, we had 4 guys in the group. Every time I won a roll, I got 8 points. Every time I lost a roll I got 4 points. Also, losing a roll applies a bonus amount to each successive roll until you win one. IE my first roll was 22, but the next roll was 93 ( I still lost). The Next one was 127, and I won it. The next one was back to something like 64, which I won, and the next time everybody else had higher rolls than I did.

Also, I chose to space the crew in the flashpoint (for the darkside points) while everyone else chose the lightside option and won. They got lightside I got darkside points.

How that helps to explain the way the social points work.
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