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Maul vs Darth Vader.

I am using Darth Vader for both because there aren't many sith that use 2 lightsabers to my knowledge. For this fight, I think Vader (Anakin Vader) would win because 1.... he killed all of the Jedi besides 2. And two... he kills children therefore he is better.

So I really think it would be down to which Advanced class it is.

PS: I hate Anakin, just... he was better than older Vader.
Vader beat Maul in the EU by the way (a clone of Maul anyway), though he had to resort to a samurai like kamikaze move, stabbing himself through the stomach (something which killed Qui-Gon Jinn by the way).

Vader became much stronger than Anakin (even if he did lose quite a bit of his potential) ... there is no way Anakin would have survived impaling himself.