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I played both classes, one to 50 (Sorc) and one to 45 (Mara). Truthfully, I would have to say that Darth Nox would win in a fight. I am just basing it one class Archetypes. I think each would win vs different Advanced classes. I know we are talking about Wrath and Nox, but those are just "titles" for the classes. I know a Wrath in the past was immortal, but that doesn't mean this one will be immortal. People saying that they are immortal are just speculating. So here we go AC vs AC.

1. Inquisitor: Palpatine and Maul.
2. Warrior: Darth Vader

In the first fight it would be Palpatine vs Vader.

I know that in the movie Vader killed Palpatine, but that is just because there happened to be a giant hole next to him... and Vader later did die of the damages that Palpatine inflicted on him. So if there was a fight on just barren land I would give this one to Palpatine, 6 seconds of being electricuted by him resulted in death.

Sorc wins vs Jugg.

Maul vs Darth Vader.

I am using Darth Vader for both because there aren't many sith that use 2 lightsabers to my knowledge. For this fight, I think Vader (Anakin Vader) would win because 1.... he killed all of the Jedi besides 2. And two... he kills children therefore he is better.

So I really think it would be down to which Advanced class it is.

PS: I hate Anakin, just... he was better than older Vader.