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Everyone and their dog recommends Agent it seems like. I played BH a bit, and I can only say that it's not particularly exciting, at least for the first part. It's more about whether the character is fun to play. Which--as a tank, it can be. Certainly I played a trooper, adn that's basically the same--and the BH is just a trooper without bugged animation times. So it should be fun.

However, just as counterpoint on the trooper quest. I found several things about it to be fun.

1) it blends in very well with the actual missions. As other classes you show up at a world and people drop things in your lap and it seems odd that you're taking all these odd jobs sometimes--unless you're just a career adventurer. Which admittedly we all play as, but still--when someone puts the future of Balmorra on your shoulders, as opposed to just getting some help with their problems (and life continues on) it makes less sense than when it's part of the trooper's objectives. It makes sense that the premier special forces ****** would be going from hot spot to hot spot, problem solving, and picking up their awesome team of misfits at the same time.

2) It is SO great to make light/dark side choices as trooper if for no other reason than several of them are *actually* ambiguous and kind of interesting. Like whether you preserve 'one of your own' who's also mission-critical or a bunch of strangers that you don't know, but are the more virtuous thing to do.

3) the end point is much more satisfying. In the beginning you get thrust into a situation that's appealing, but immediately evaporates, and you kind of feel cheated out of a sense of belonging to your character's story--but then, as you go, you end up building the scope and experiences that create a sense of that belonging much better than you could have imagined. And at the end, you have a team of people in storm trooper armor all standing behind you that look ******, but also part of a unit--that you lead. Even their prime stats are the same, which feels cool in a way. Other players have a motley crew standing behind them.

4) Dressing as a dark jedi with gun.