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Can't say how pleased I'm to actually see response and answers from CS and developers today....not sure what has happend at Bioware, but I feel I've learned more from them in the last 24 hours than in the previous 1,5 months.
I believe it's all about EA, really.

EA fund the project, EA choose the support staff to save money, EA rush out the game half finished for Xmas...

Bioware's work is visibly good: the RPG elements, the creative content, the cinematic convos, etc.

But with a project of this magnitude and a publisher as infamous as EA (infamous, not famous), there's bound to be a bunch of pressure on the developer (the Bioware+Mythic team or whatnot).

Perhaps now that the initial sales have passed and subscriptions are flowing in, EA is loosening its tyrant's grip and letting things flow more smoothly, possibly also relegating more funds to the devs or something.
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