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01.24.2012 , 01:11 PM | #56
havent done nightmare or a hard mode yet but i can see what your saying.

i only want to add that alot of the fights require the games rng system to be nice to you. take soa for example, we would burn him down to the second transition phase, he would mindtrap someone, so we burn down the mindtrap then burn him to 29 percent to go into the transition phase, and while he is invulnerable transitioning right before he drops the platform, he throws someone around the room, they die. probably cant complete it then unless you have over geared dps.

or third phase the first thing he does is mindtraps your tank, you miss a pyramid or whatever dropping, probably cant complete it then. its little things like that, that are really annoying in boss fights.

the secong thing about raiding is i dont see the point in tionese gear except to gear up your companions by running hard mode dungeons till your eyes bleed. hard modes drop columi gear, normal mode ops drop columi gear. i would llike to see a gear progression where tionese stuff drops from hard modes and normal ops, then hard mode ops drop columi gear then nightmare mode drops rakata gear. the way it is set up nightmare is no point to doing it, since the gear is the same, why go through all the added aggravation of trying to do something harder except to say to yourself you did it.

i like raiding, i like raiding in this game, but somethings i just dont understand why they did it this way and why have three levels of gear when the first one you will never really buy unless you just want it or get unless you just want it. no boss drops drops the tionese set pieces that i have noticed and it would take forever getting crystals and commendations to purchase a set of tionese gear when you could just get columi gear from the hardmodes.