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01.24.2012 , 12:50 PM | #29
Trying to compare this skill to just about ANYTHING else is stupid... especially when you choose to compare it to a mezz(learn the difference) that is about even with one you yourself possess.

As for why it maxes the resolve bar, the skill does a knockback in addition to the knockdown. I have seen many people knocked into a fire with it.
Doesn't sound like a big deal?
For comparison, using any other class' knockback(except for the one that you can add a root to, but that one doesn't deal tons of damage and come from stealth) to throw them into a fire and then stun them requires 2 GCDs. If they are right on the edge, they can easily walk out before you can cast the stun. If they have a leap move, even easier. To make matter worse, some of those stuns even have a travel time through the air, making it take even LONGER to actually stun the person.
You may not think that is a big deal, but there are a very large number of circumstances where the knockback attached to it is extremely beneficial.

I would be rather pissed if it was a 3 second knockdown with a knockback and backstab damage and DID NOT max their resolve. Do you WANT a repeat of early game rogue-level stunlock burst from WoW? That is an instant recipe for nerfs... which is now happening, imagine that.

As for now, when it is nerfed to 1.5 seconds, it maybe needs to only do partial resolve fill.
How many of you actually have a character on the PTR leveled enough to see if it still fills the bar? Not to mention you need one person on each faction to test it with. Cannot test it on a low lever player, as it will just kill them instantly anyway...
So before you whine about this **** of filling the resolve bar, why don't you find out if it actually DOES?

As for the post above me, a 1.5 second stun with backstab damage on it would be rather superior to a 3 second mezz that breaks on one point of damage, if you are using them for the same purposes.
Considering the mezz would best be used to keep people from hitting you, while the knockdown would be used to destroy someone, I am not sure why you are still trying to compare the two.
If the Sorc tried to use it like you were using Hidden Strike, he would get around 2500 damage max(on a VERY well geared sorc, with a crit) before it broke and you were free to react... Doesn't that make it worse than yours, since you can deal significantly more than that during the knockdown time, not even counting the initial damage from the skill? ...