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Ok, so I will admit a majority of my fights as an operative are against sorcerers.. on my server I would guess in pvp a good 40% + of the pvp players are sorcerers.

With the incoming nerf will someone please explain how a 6th level ability for the ops can be totally negated by a 4th level ability the sorcerers can get?

Jarring strike WAAAAY up the talent tree (6 levels) is now 1.5 second stun that will fill up the resolve bar (re: silly). Backlash a level 4 talent will blind for 3 seconds everyone when the bubble bursts. And it does not fill up the resolve bar.. Huh?

So I open on a sorcerer, to maybe get 1k to 2k of damage if I crit (bubble absorbs 2500 I hear.. someone might enlighten me on this). I get blinded for 3 seconds and can do nothing, sorcerer gets up after 1.5 seconds, immune to all crowd control. Can get range.. root, stun, run away, re bubble etc... If I do break the blind, then I am re-crowd controlled because his ability did not fill the resolve bar.

Why on earth would I ever want to use jarring strike? Why does it cost so much now, and why is it so easily negated now?

I am really having a hard time wrapping my brain around this nerf on the ability...

1) Make it not fill the resolve bar, yes we will then stun.. but after the initial stun, which uses a GC and does lowered damage the fight is on... and you can break it.

2) Make jarring strike a root. Make it not fill the bar up, but make it root for 3 to 4 seconds. And move it down on the talent tree...

3) Replace the neutered jarring strike with something else that is an escape, or a talent that allows cloaking screen to wipe all bad effects upon use. That way we can use evasions for more than just a button we click before we combat cloak.

This change to jarring strike and doing nothing more than just nerfing it, really confuses me. It shows a fundamental lack of understanding of how the class works, how the flow of pvp goes, and most disturbing a serious lack of thought or creativity.

Am I wrong? I just know now whenever I meet a sorc with backlash its already frustrating.. now its useless.
I'm sorry if you are having trouble beating a sorc/sage that is spec'd Tele/Lightning and has to stand still and cast to do damage, the problem is you.
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