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The stun effect from the bubble loses it's effect the next time you take damage with that in mind considering a sorc CANNOT crit for a 3-4+k in a single hit (sorry you got nerfed get over it) you can go right back to attacking the squishy target you were before it's not like he/she can drop you right after the stun (like operatives could before the patch).

Your rant is just (THEY NERFED X SO THEY SHOULD NERF Y) finger pointing.

Couple points on this...

1) The effect does lose its effect if hit.. but that happens rarely unless there is area effect going on.. which usually means I was popped out of stealth anyways. A 3 second blind that does not fill the resolve bar is vastly superior to a 1.5 second stun that fills the resolve bar completely.

2) You do not get back to attacking the squishy, because they will use that time to get range, snare, root or stun.. (because the resolve bar is not full) and begin kiting.

Where the talents exist on the trees, is disproportional to what they do if this nerf goes through. All I am saying is change the effect to a root, or move it elsewhere and give us something in its spot that helps with survivability.. not more dmg. Or make it not fill the resolve bar. Is there any 1.5 second stun in this game that fills the resolve bar?

btw- Let me clarify, not asking for a sorcerer nerf when it comes to the bubble, just asking for something different on jarring strike.. IF it goes through as is. I think Sorc's will get nerfed for other reasons.. but my point was to just show that the new jarring strike does not belong on the talent tree where its currently at.