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01.24.2012 , 07:52 AM | #21
The game has been out a month, I am not one to defend the pvp, as I agree... it is aweful, but I have also fell victim to being killed in a stun from a operative from 80% with 13% expertise.

Resolve is an aweful system, with some obvious (and I mean blatantly obvious) room for improvement, to where it works like DR. Outside from the fact that seemingly 50-60% of stuns don't even add to your resolve bar, warrior snare goes through full resolve (via charge), and full resolve doesn't break current CC's so if you've been stunned for 4-5 seconds, you will probobly die before resolve even does anything. The fact that I can be stunned for 20 seconds and not feel an effect from resolve is just poor design, and I'm sure we can all expect a change to the mechanic.

With all this being said, this only really bothers me in Hutt Ball, in which is only enjoyable for Juggernaughts and Sorcerors anyways.