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3 weeks in a row I have not received credit for either of these missions.

I've put in tickets asking to have the quest completed or the proper rewards mailed to me. This is standard practice in any other respectable MMO. My tickets have contained all necessary information in a short and precise manner.

Bioware only gives me automated responses and 3 weeks worth of completed missions have gone unrewarded.
Easy fix, do EV and Karagga's Palace. We found that only half our group got credit for the EV part but when we did Karagga's Palace the rest got credit. Both count towards the weekly so you should be able to get it finished. While they don't seem to care that you aren't getting credit, I'm guessing this is bugged for EVERYONE so that would be entirely too time consuming to go and correct every single player's quest log every time they didn't get credit. I'd rather suck it up and deal with it while they fix that bug and others instead of wasting their time appeasing us. And at least you have the work around I mentioned.
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