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While it's cool that you like the JC story better than the IA's, I don't think it's fair to insult others who feel the opposite.

Personally, I like the IA story much better than the JC story (only through the Chapter 1 on the JC story though). That doesn't make me sheep.
I am not insulting those who feel the opposite I am insulting those who just parrot the line "I hear IA is the nest JC is the worst" without playing either.

Personally I found the disconnect of playing a loyal Imperial Agent too much, I suppose part of the enjoyment could have come from playing that role and the realisation /response to them jerking you around so much (it just annoyed me though).

As I mentioned in my post, generally I think there is more enjoyment to be had from the anti-hero, ie playing a light side SW, a DS JC, etc. IA for me felt to contrived/ hipster forced into an anti-hero role that I did not at all want to play the character as. My suspension of disbelief was fighting the plot too much. Someone role-playing a snarky, rebellious IA wouldnt have had that though.