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There seems to be a lot of Emperor’s New Clothes “I hear IA is the best and Consular is the worst” nonsense.

Whether you will find a particular class story “good or bad” depends a LOT upon how you approach it. The game story, companions, PC voice etc really funnels you along certain paths.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing but if you fight against it too much you will likely hit a hit wall of *** my character wouldn’t do/say that, why cant I pick a fourth option and join the seperatists/cabal/whatevers. As a result of this I am enjoying the Consular story the most and abandoned the Imperial Agent character.

Before release I was most excited about creating an Imperial Agent as my main. I thought of a little backstory, some basic likes/dislikes and goals. Basically a pro Empire by the book upper class guy who didn’t make it into Sith training because of a lack of Force sensitivity. I was delighted with the snarky English accent, loved the skullduggery on Hutta, but it was all downhill from there. The companion I am stuck with is anti-Empire and disapproves every time I make an in character decision. At the end of Chapter One I am still Neutral form a mish mash of light/dark a pro Empire outlook gave me. The non-class quests seemed to make more sense than the Class quests which rewarded loyalty to the Sith and Empire by jerking me around and treating me more like a servant/terrorist than a trusted Agent. I abandoned the character (and Kaliyo) on Nar Shardar because it no longer made sense and in my mind he did a runner, disillusioned with the Empire and the galaxy and bought his own planet in the Bahamas. The dialogue options, event and companion really pushed / assumed I was a snarky anti-Imperial anarchist and I think it would have made more sense and been enjoyable if I had have played such a character, if I do go back to the AI it will be a new character from that perspective.

Next I tried a JConsular which according to the forum sheep is supposedly the worst story. I have just got off Courscant and am absolutely loving it. Full Dark side, but not ChaoticStupid puppy evil, more Saruman lore chasing, violence is necessary to protect and preserve. The story allows this kind of role to be played brilliantly, the first companion names me Herald of his god who demands killing as much prey to increase divine “score”, this reconciles/plays well with the Jedi non-agression philosophy and game mechanic of “kill 60 mobs”. The story is epic, in the quests on the first planet I follow the ethos of the First Dark Jedi (shame I couldn’t become his apprentice), forge lightsaber, slay all who might oppose me, my “masters” aren’t brain-washing / bossing me around, showdown in the ruins if the Jedi Temple on Coursant love it.

Generally I think its more exciting/enjoyable to play a rebel anti-hero and BW is aware of this. I also think the personality of the 1st companions is a big indicator of what direction the story is going to be pushing you in. If you really hate the 1st companion and they are –minus effection of every decision you make it might be an indication you will be fighting an uphill RP battle with the story.