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Ok, time to craft, but not gathering missions?

I can provide screen shots, I hit "n", I click on the Archaeology "button" on my first companion, Vette, and all 4 or 5 missions have a certain time for each one. I click on the drop down to select a different companion, and they are all the exact same.

I haven't looked at crafting, because I don't have anyone with a + eff to a crafting skill that I have.

I can provide screen shots if what I'm experiencing is a bug or not.
Oh I get what you are saying now. No, the time actually required to complete is not the same as the time listed for the item/mission. For instance, a maxed out affection Khem Val might have it say that it will take 10 minutes to make an artifice item, but it will be less than 7 or even 6 minutes when you start crafting.

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Ok, so, I see the issue is just the fact that the "mission time" displayed when you choose the companion and mission doesn't reflect the actual mission time required.

So, should I submit I bug report for this? After all, the times are supposed to align.
It's probably intentional, at least in the sense that Bioware isn't going to be changing it any time soon. I'd prefer they did but it doesn't really matter all that much to me, personally. Either way I doubt it's a bug, just something they haven't considered/changed yet.