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I feel like I have to elaborate more on the Bounty Hunter's crew to justify just how awesome each of them are.

Mako - She's got a vendetta. I won't spoil it, but despite her reasons for vengeance being very cliche, she's just a very likeable character in general. She reminds me of the cute techie girl in most sci-fi/fantasy story who's a pro navigator and a walking encyclopedia that you can't help but fawn over because she's also sort of goofy.

Gault - He's sarcastic and witty, but you can tell there's something missing in his life that's very important to him. My relationship with him is something like me being the young hotshot and him being the two-bit old timer. He even has the same relationship with Torian, and the two go at it every now and then. He gives me advice, but I tend to follow it loosely, if at all, and I always expect him to say something about it.

Torian - I could be really good friends with this guy. He's a very traditional person who has a clear code of honor that I share. He respects and looks up to me despite my not being part of his true heritage, and I see him as a little brother. He's also a pretty boy and seems to attract Mako, so I have to jump between them from time to time to remind him that she's mine, lol.

Blizz - Ok, if you don't love Blizz, then you have no heart. He's a part of me that I never knew I needed, and now I can't live without. He's just so adorable and quirky.

Skadge - Sometimes I just wanna toss him out of the airlock, but I can't help to respect the guy for his bluntness and willingness to face anything head on. His motives are suspect, and his interactions with the rest of my crew can get pretty tense at times, but there's no one I can rely on to jump into a warzone armed with nothing but his fists other than Skadge.

My favorite part about the BH story is that the bounties seem like side missions, while his relationship with his crew ultimately plays the bigger role. I've also just reached a turning point in my Bounty Hunting career. I'm generally pretty apathetic to both Imperial and Republic relations, and will pledge my allegiance to who pays me more -- nothing personal. But BioWare just tossed a wrench into that for the moment, and I now genuinely want to kill a certain person for a very personal reason.