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12.14.2011 , 03:22 PM | #14
I was able to romance Vette as a Sith Warrior. I took dark choices till level 8. Once I got her, I did all things that pleased her, but not all were light side choices. (Remember she has a pirate mentality). I noticed there were some big bump light side choices i would've had to make to please her in some cases...but I didnt take them. So i was going for that character who is completely evil outside of one weakness...a girl (or Twi'lek in this case lol).

She was, however really pissed when I chose to bed that one Lord's wife (where double cross him for the wife and kill him, then the wife is going to have the kid take his place and wear his mask....dont remember what that was called but Vette was peeved, lol.l

Not sure how far I would've got with that as I only made it to 15.