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01.23.2012 , 08:48 PM | #109
The SI had some interesting twists that I didn't see coming. The "reason" that drags you from planet to planet in chapter two is pretty unique as well. I also like how you spend all of chapter 3 working towards one goal, though I am a bit disappointed that all this power your character seems to happen to him rather than have the feel that you earned it.

The Trooper storyline blows. Chapter 1 is kind of neat I least it works towards a single goal, however you NEVER get to know Havoc Squad so you are completely unattached them. They really need for you to spend more time with these NPCs so you give a damn about what happens to them. Chapter 2 is just stopping a super weapon. I'm playing with my friend who is a Jedi Knight and he's already stopped THREE super weapons! Woopedy doo!

I've barely played IA, but it seems neat. It makes you think "Oooo so this is how the empire gets stuff done with the Sith mucking up everything with their unnecessary violence and hatred."